The winner of the 2022 Full-Length Play Festival was Gravesend & District Theatre Guild, for their production of Things I Know to be True by Andrew Bovell.
A list of the winners and runners-up can be downloaded from the 2022 Festival page

Details of the 2022 Radio Play Festival, to be run in the Autumn, will be announced in July.

The latest Newsletter (February 2022) can be downloaded here.

The Committee
Chair: Beth Fenton
Vice Chair: Philip Shaw
Secretary: Nick Cook-West
Treasurer: Tony Newman
Festival Organiser: Marie Quarman
Mike Darbon
Linda Russell
Membership costs between £15 and £35 a year, depending on a society's size.
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The Kent Drama Association was established in 1935, to help amateur drama societies in Kent. We run a Full-Length Play Festival each year, and help societies to publicise their productions and to share useful information.